How to Turn Your Grandest Visions for Your Life into Realities

Why is it that some people just seem to get everything they want in life?  Great relationships, plenty of money, great health and time to enjoy it all?   And why is that other people who seem to work equally as hard or seem to be equally deserving constantly struggle with a life that is always far short of their ideals?

This podcast grows out of a deep conviction the grand design for life is that everyone should have an equal shot at achieving the success they want in all areas of life.  This podcast is based on the proposition that anyone who really wants to, can actually learn and apply some next steps that they can take to move toward their dreams for success in any area of their life. This podcast grows out of a deep belief that our grandest visions for any area of our life are most likely to become reality when we understand and implement certain universal principles and processes that create success in any particular area of life….when people understand and live by what we call, universal systems for success.  

I don’t know many people who don’t want to be more successful in at least some area of their life…however they uniquely define success. But I don’t know of many people who take the time to understand, develop and implement the specific processes, steps, or systems it takes to create that next level of success.  

What the Secret?

I’m not here to tell you that I have all the secret systems.  I am here to tell you that systems, is the secret.  And if we don’t know the systems needed to produce success in any area of our life, I’m here to tell you that you can find someone who knows those systems and you can learn from how they implemented those systems and apply the principles you learn from them to create the success you want in your own life.  

The secret to success is only a secret if you don’t know where to find the secret.  And the secret to success in any area of life is found is in the systems that cause the success.  And the great news is that anyone who is hungry enough can seek out, understand and implement the systems they need to cause success.

Not Just Another “How-To”

With today’s globalized information availability, we can find information and how-tos on just about anything.   So, it is not just another how-to that is needed.  If the possession of checklists of systems to follow were the key to success, every capable Googler in the world would be enormously successful!   The key to success is not just learning about some systems.  It’s not just hearing more how-to’s.  It is gaining a deep real-life understanding of the right systems you need at the right time AND creating a doable pathway to actually implement those systems in the unique situations of your life.  

Real-Life Learning for Real-Life Successes

Our passion in this podcast is to unpack the specific systems we are learning that bring success in various areas of life…and to do that in the context of real-life learning.  In the context of the real trial and error rodeo of implementation.  We’d like to take you on a journey with us.  To open our lives (past and present) to let you share in our learnings as we have been seeking to implement our own systems for success in life.  

The goal here is not to come across as people who know it all…because we certainly don’t. If anything, I’ve made more mistakes than the average guy. The goal here is to simply be transparent about what we have learned and what are learning about the systems…the specific processes that produce success in key areas of life.  And our hope is not that you just take any of these things we share and implement them verbatim in your life.  But rather that you take the principles and processes you learn from the stories from our lives, our businesses and our families and apply them to creating your own unique systems for success.

Only Listen If You’re Serious About Turning Your Dreams into Reality!

This podcast is for people who want to do more than just talk about the success they want.  It’s for people who are willing to do the hard work of learning how to develop and implement the systems that will create the success they want.   It is for that uncommon person who is willing to think deeply about cause and effect and honestly change how they do what they do in every-day life to create new causes that produce new effects in their life.  This podcast is for people who are serious about turning vision into reality.  People who are serious enough about turning their vision for any area of their life into reality that they are willing to change paradigms and change practices to create new systems that bring the success they want in life.

Serious Questions for Serious Seekers of Success

Sometimes it’s helpful to just take a serious inventory of where you’re at in some area of life compared with where you really want to be.  Ask yourself questions like these:

  • Do you ever feel like your life is running you, instead of you running your life? 
  • Does it seem like you’re always putting out fires in one or more areas of your life?
  • Does it seem like more often you’re a day late and a dollar short to capture the full opportunity you’d dreamed about?
  • How about your relationships?  Are you short on the love and fulfillment you once dreamed about in your relationships with friend, with your spouse or significant other, with your family?
  • How often do you feel like you have the time to do what you really like to do?  
  • Do you have chronic health challenges?  Or maybe you just never seem to reach that ideal weight or strength or energy?   
  • How are your personal finances? How is your cash flow? Does cash seem to flow in, and then right back out again, without giving you the chance to catch your fair share along the way?
  • Have you had a lot of great hopes and ideals for your life, for your business, for your relationships or your health…and you just never seem to have those visions become reality as much as you’d like?
  • Fortunately, things don’t have to stay the way they are. The good news is that change is possible, whether you’ve been facing that issue for 20 days or 20 years.   The good news is that the systems for success in any area of your life that you want to improve are knowable and doable for you.

Unlock the Secrets of Success

Here’s the deal.  There is no silver bullet to success.  There is no magic formula for consistent prosperity in any area of life.   There is no secret to success in any area of life.  With today’s wealth of information availability, there really is no secret to success in finances, there is no secret to success in creating strong relationships.  There is no secret to success in growing business. There is no secret to success in being as healthy as you want to be.  Oh, it may be a secret to you right now, but it is a knowable secret.  And the key to unlocking that secret is to do the hard work of developing and implementing the specific systems that will create success for you in that area of your life.

Here’s the Key

The key to getting the full benefit of the systems approach is to design and implement the right systems for you.  That takes listening to and learning from others who have implemented systems that are related to the need or vision you want to address in your life.  And even when you find someone who is using a system to accomplish exactly what you want…here’s what I’ve learned about systems over the years…very few systems are completely 100% plug and play duplicatable from one business to another or from one life to another.  But there are two things that are duplicatable. First, the principles and the processes that one business or one person used to create a system that worked for them…those principles and processes can be duplicated to create or customize a system that works for you.  Second, the modeling and motivation that you can gain from seeing how someone else has implemented their system and continue to use and improve their system can have immeasurable benefit to provide you with success in implementation of your systems.

Models and Motivation To Make Your Own Success

We hope that as we share our experiences developing and implementing systems for success in various areas of life and business that you hope people will use those principles and process to create or customize a system that works for them.  And as you hear about our trials and successes at implementing various systems, I hope you will receive a model…a picture…and plan that could help you implement you own systems…and maybe also get some motivation from just knowing that someone else is, or has been, on the same type of journey.  

Our passion in this podcast is to unpack the principles and processes that create systems for success in these key areas of life.  And to give you real life implementation examples from our successes and failures and from those of others that will give you some models and some motivation on your own journey as you learn to design and implement your own systems that turn your visions into realities.  

I invite you to join the Systems for Success journey with us now!

Lonnie Gienger