Hey Business Designers! I thought I would try a different kind of blog this week and who knows…I may keep going it.

I make and post videos every week to the SFS facebook page. They are anywhere from 4 to 10 minutes long and they cover specific Systems for Success that you can implement right away in your life and business.

I figured I would just post them here on the website too, along with the script I usually write out before I make the video.



Hey Business Designers! This week we are focused on a system that will basically guarantee achievement. Cool, right?

You can implement this system in almost every area of your life or business where you are pursuing something; working towards a goal.

It’s simple, it’s memorable, and it’s fool proof.

This will help you achieve your personal and business goals…it will help you learn a new skill, or implement a new system in your organization.

It’s called “The Success Cycle”, and it’s what will help you consistently turn any vision you have into reality!


Plan, Train, Implement, Review
Plan, train, implement, review, that’s the success cycle.

Let’s break this break this down:


I’ve started a few different brick and mortar service based businesses and to launch a business like that takes a lot of effort. The first best step is to create a solid business plan…so there we are at the top of the circle now, at plan. So in the case of the hot yoga studio my wife and I own here in town, we spend a couple months putting together an extensive business plan that outlined and projected the first five years of our business, and all the steps necessary to start the businesses.

A lot of people think planning isn’t worth the time…because plans always change! We will get to that in a bit, that’s part of the cycle!


The next step in the process is to train.

This is the step where you learn what you need to know in order to accomplish your goal. So in our case for the yoga studio, this meant learning everything from how to actually teach yoga, to how to raise funding for the startup and then actually build and then market a yoga studio!


After that, your next step is to implement!

After we had learned enough to feel comfortable moving forward, we took action and actually began the startup process. We started asking for funding, started hiring yoga teachers, started actually building the studio, and soon we had our grand opening and then started doing business!


Last but perhaps most important, review.

So after several months of being open, we looked at what we had accomplished so far in our planning, training, and implementation. We asked ourselves what is going right, and what is going wrong? These are the two key questions you should ask yourself in the review step:

  • What is going right, and what is going wrong?
  • What do you need to keep doing, and what do you need to change?

In our case with the yoga studio, when we reviewed, we discovered that a lot more had gone and was continuing to go right than we originally expected, but there were definitely things that weren’t going right…that weren’t going according to plan.

Now, here’s where the cycle comes in:

We went back to the first step, to the top of the cycle, plan. We revised our plan to keep doing the things that were going right, and to change the things that were going wrong.

Then guess what? The cycle starts all over again! You take that revised plan, you train, you implement, and then you review again!

So, with this simple system not only can you accomplish any goal in a fool-proof and more efficient way, its a way to get better and better and improve upon your plan, your knowledge, and the actions you take so that your productivity is maximised.

Think about it, you will train/learn more efficiently if you’ve taken some time to do some planning and direction setting first.

You will take more efficient action if you’ve trained properly first.

And by viewing the results (what’s going right, and what needs to change?), you can continually readjust your plan and make sure your actions are producing the maximum results!