Systems for Success is a philosophy that is deeply rooted in our family’s experience learning to design the life of our dreams together.  Many people think success is something that just happens to you if you’re lucky or work hard enough.  We have come to believe that behind every success is a system in action. Thanks for joining our family as we share real life stories and learnings from our journey to create specific processes that produce success in business and in life.  If you’d like to know more about what we are each up to these days, check out the links below.  

Lonnie Gienger (Father)

CEO, Wilkinson Corporation (real estate investments)

Co-Founder/Chairman Business Advantage (entrepreneur training system)

Co-Founder/Chairman Ministry Advantage (non-profit leadership coaching)

Host of podcast on systems for success in family and business

Shelley Gienger (Mother)

Mother, Family Teacher, Registered Nurse

Owner, Health Advantage (wholistic health coaching)

Kylon Gienger (Son)

Podcast host on alternative education for successful leaders

CEO, AffiliateFix (#1 affiliate marketing forum online)

Co-Owner, Renu Hot Yoga

Teliah Gienger (Daughter-in-Law)

Owner, Renu Hot Yoga (#1 yoga studio in city)

Yoga Instructor and Health Coach

Co-Owner, NUYU Juice Bar

Lachelle O’Connell (Daughter)

MBA, Professional Photographer

Owner, Ello Candle Co. (artistic soya candle manufacturer)

Auren O’Connell (Son-In-Law)

Doctor of Nursing Practice, Mental Health

Chelann Gienger (Daughter)

Owner, NUYU Juice Bar/Health Cafe

Podcast Host, Entrepreneur Before 25

Author, Dear Millennial,

Sky Gienger (Son)

Owner/Music Producer, Salient Audio