So this week I have something a bit different bring to you all, it’s not as much of a system as it is a mindset.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a business owner…what it means to be an entrepreneur.

And I think you can divide entrepreneurs into one of two categories:

  1. Those who are in it for the end game
  2. Those who love playing the game 

There are people who’s mindset is that they are in it for the fruits, and the process of being an entrepreneur – the process of building a business is an unpleasant but necessary step to reach their end game, their big pay off.

They want the houses, the cars, the freedom, and they are willing to work for years to build businesses, investments, and assets that will provide this for them. The reason they do this on the platform of entrepreneurship is because they know they can make more money working for themselves than for someone else.

In the other category, you have an entrepreneur who loves to play the game. They love the process of entrepreneurship, the ups and downs, they love to build and they love to fail because failure means they are taking action and getting closer to success.

These are people that might never fully capitalize on every opportunity they have, simply because they want to leave a little bit on the table so they can keep playing the game.

And will they eventually experience the fruits of their labor? The money, the cars, the houses?

Without a doubt!

But the love of the fruits comes secondary to the love of the process.

Is it wrong to want the fruits?

Of course not!

Having money is awesome!

But these are the kind of entrepreneurs who have the same level of happiness and fulfillment when they are multimillionaires as they did when they only made $25,000 dollars a year.

Which kind of entrepreneur are you? Which category are you in? There’s always a devide.

People have been sold and seduced by a publicized image of wealthy, successful entrepreneurs, who hustled for a bit, and then struck gold and now live a lifestyle of luxery in the spotlight.

When the reality is that entrepreneurship in it’s purest form, is the love of the process. The love of the journey.

Have you ever played monopy and had a friend land on Park place and you have like ten hotels stacked and it’s going to absolutely bankrupt them?  So you give them a pass, because you would rather keep playing the game then win.

That’s what I’m talking about.

So I want to ask you:

How much do want to keep playing the game, and how much to you want the fruits that come along with success in winning the game.  Where is your mindset there?

Because I believe that one of those mindsets is more beneficial than the other when it comes to living a truly fulfilled and happy life, enjoying the journey, and reaping the rewards.